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Digital solo exhibition, 2020 (available now as a free download online) 

Diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder weeks before the  COVID-19 crisis, The New Normal presents Rob Elford’s most intimate work to date; a virtual and interactive site-specific exhibition exploring his own heightened emotional state within our strange new pandemic infused reality.

Throughout the neon flooded space, Rob initiates a series sculptural installations. Transforming the gallery form into a digitised, sensory, singular vision.

The New Normal.gif
11_4K UHD.3840x2160.png
08_4K UHD.3840x2160.png
07_4K UHD.3840x2160.png
02_4K UHD.3840x2160.png

You can also download a free printable version of one of the pieces from the exhibition 'Contagion' via the link below and print it at home.


The piece may look like painterly abstract impressionism, but is in fact a 3D stereogram depicting one of the kinetic floating sculptures.

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