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A Green & Pleasant Land?

A multimedia installation featuring holographic sculptures, an animated
film, a 3D printed statuette, and an interactive, immersive, narrative-driven video game. 2022.

A Mallard's Song

Video Game, 2022.

AAD Postgraduate _ Research Exhibition 2022_0016.jpg
AAD Postgraduate _ Research Exhibition 2022_0030b.jpg

Channel Crossing

Animated Film, 2022.


Green is the Colour of….

Holographic Sculptures,  2020.

Size of each fan: 42cm.

False Idol/ For Queens and Country 


False Idol 

Small Sculpture, 2022.

 270mm x 240mm x 130mm.

For Queens and Country

Digitally Printed Canvas, 2016.

 550mm x 450mm x 35mm.

AAD Postgraduate _ Research Exhibition 2022_0006.jpg
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