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A Green & Pleasant Land?

A multimedia installation featuring holographic sculptures, an animated AI
generated film, a 3D printed statuette, and an interactive, immersive, narrative-driven video game. 2022.

A Mallard's Song

Video Game, 2022.

An interactive art piece that explores both the psychogeography of English landscapes and forgotten historical harms that politicised English traditionalism has had on individuals and marginalised groups. 

AAD Postgraduate _ Research Exhibition 2022_0016.jpg
AAD Postgraduate _ Research Exhibition 2022_0030b.jpg

Channel Crossing

Animated Film, 2022.

An animated short that incorporates AI-generated imagery.


Green is the Colour of….

Holographic Sculptures,  2020.

Size of each fan: 42cm.

Four holographic animations use LED fans that spin and display a sequence of coloured lights to display a floating animated image.

False Idol/ For Queens and Country 

Small Sculpture, 2022.

 270mm x 240mm x 130mm.

False Idol is a small sculpture depicting a wooden toy duck silhouette. The main body is 3D printed in resin and gilded in gold, and the base is made of laser-cut wood and painted black.

Digitally Printed Canvas, 2016.

 550mm x 450mm x 35mm.

For Queens and Country is a printed still image from a digitally manipulated, glitchy animation of the St. George’s flag that appears in a Mallard's Song as a prompt for cutscenes.

AAD Postgraduate _ Research Exhibition 2022_0006.jpg
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